Harp Lessons in Maine

Interested in learning how to play the harp?


Judy Saiki shares over 30 years of experience as a professional performance and wedding harpist and harp instructor with students of all ages and experience level at her studio in southern Maine.

Whether you are just beginning to play the harp or looking for advanced harp instruction, Judy can help you master harp fundamentals as well as fine-tune your harp technique. For answers to some of the most common questions about learning to play the harp, please continue reading:


FAQ: Playing the Harp

How hard is it to play the harp?

The harp is a naturally beautiful sounding instrument and even beginners can sound lovely. However, it still takes practice to become proficient.


Am I too old to learn the harp?

A comment that I get all the time is, “I’ve always wanted to learn to play the harp.” You don’t have to have professional ambitions to get joy and pleasure out of playing music. In fact, as you get older, it’s proven that learning a new skill keeps your mind sharp. You are never too old to learn the harp!


What if I don’t read music?

By spending a little time with tools such as flash cards, books and/or software, anyone can learn to read music!


What are the different types of harp, and how are they different?

Lever harps (also called folk harps, Celtic harps, or non-pedal harps) are smaller, lighter, less expensive and easier to play than pedal harps (also called concert harps or orchestral harps). Both types of harps are available to rent, and Judy can help you with that process.


What type of harp should I learn to play?

It depends on what kind of music you would like to play. The lever harp is perfect for folk music (such as Celtic), and also some simple classical music. However, since the sharps and flats are adjusted by hand on the lever harp, the more complicated chromatic music is better suited to the pedal harp.  (If you are interested in playing in an orchestra, you definitely need a pedal harp.) Many students start on the lever harp and transition to the pedal harp.  On the other hand, many pedal harpists also play the lever harp, since they are so much lighter and easier to transport!


To learn more about learning to play the harp with Judy Saiki, please contact her personally via her online contact form.